AVEVA Integration is a wonderful part of iDEES, that all users, with a minimum knowledge of AVEAV Company products like PDMS or  E3D, can generate so many useful reports or do a lot of activities in the mentioned softwares.


As all PDMS/E3D users may know, PDMS/E3D itself is a full user friend software and has so many tools and commands to do every things in the 3D model or generate all kind of required reports. But here in the iDEES, developer just tried to find a simpler ways or methods or sometimes a more accurate and more reliable reports.

The main concept of this section is to generate some reports or some cross checking between 3D model and Line List of the project, so in most tools iDEES do not affect PDMS/E3D model and just connect to it to gather data.

In some tools like Merging All Sessions or PIPEs' UDAs AutoSet ,... iDEES does some modifications in the PDMS/E3D database according to user settings.

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