By this tool, Admin is able to have an access to all tables in the iDEES. The following snapshot shows selection form after a confirmation on Admin password:


After choosing, the mentioned table will be opened in data sheet view and user can manage all fields one by one or make any new records for any new input data.

Admin must note the flashing message in this form :  so for closing data sheet of table user must use combination of CTRL key and W key ( +  ) on the keyboard.

The following snapshot shows the sample data sheet view of Line List main table.

Here in this form, Admin can see related data file of each table in the drop-down of choosing table, like below:

If Admin wants to see just 'Task Tables' which store all tasks for all items in the project, the  must be ticked. After this tick the list of shown tables will be limited to just task tables like below:

Note :

All changes here in the data sheet of each table, can not be traced or undone, so please be sure about what are you doing so and make a full backup before any major changes on each table.

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