iDEES uses a beautiful and powerful common dialog box. This dialog box provides a custom and enhanced message box replacement for the default MsgBox found in Access.

The below snapshot shows a sample of this dialog box when you want to quit from iDEES:

In addition of standard message box, this dialog box has two useful button in it as follows:


By this button user can save the whole message into a text file which will be opened automatically by the default Text Editor in the machine (Like NotePad)


By this button user can copy the content of the message to the clipboard and then paste it anywhere in the windows applications.


It shows the time of opening of this message.

Common dialog box in iDEES has four standard color and Icon type as follows:

1- Critical : 


2- Question :

3- Exclamation :

4- Information :


In the Common Dialog Box, the  on the top right side of the form, means that there is a help topic for that dialog and can be reached by pressing F1 () key or by clicking on the  at top right side of the dialog box.

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