The main purpose of this simple tool is the record and share all internal or external agreements or procedures in the project.

Common Procedures can be any internal agreements between users and Lead or any procedures that Lead or sub-leads wants to be available fast by all users everywhere anytime in the project.

By using this form, all users can see a unique place to see all agreements and procedures.

It is search-able and can be exported to MS Excel and also it can be seen in data-sheet view to manage simpler filtration. By this tool, lead can select which one of the procedures need to be sent as a new or revised procedure for all users registered in the iDEES. This email will be sent automatically to all users.

, user must rely on his/her emails or any paper work. Both of them are not reliable enough. Sometimes, users have a verbal agreements with lead or each others and as anyone knows, humans may forget these such things or on the moment they remind different part of those agreement with their current concept.


The following snapshot shows the Common Procedure Form:






By pressing this button, after a confirmation on Lead user Password, current form will be editable to add or edit any items. Normally this form is locked and just Lead user can revise it.

By double click on the Attach_iconbeside of each items, Lead user can attach any type of files or documents and then other users can see or review attached file by double clicking as well. To change priority of each items just change the row number in front of them. Normally all items will be sorted based on row number.



After editing form contents, Lead user can save the changes and email all new items to all registered user in iDEES, by pressing this button.

Sometimes Lead user prefer to send all items or some of them once again to all users, so he/she firstly must press Add or Revise... and then must tick all required items and then press Save & Email New Items to all to send to all. This email is like the following snapshot (Just 4 top items have been selected):


By pressing this button, after a confirmation on Lead user Password, each item that courser is in there, will be deleted permanently.










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