Construction Section is the third developed section in the iDEES. This section does many things in the engineering services to the Construction department for piping and also for other disciplines.

Construction Section has been developed in order to manage the construction Engineering Services in the projects such as management of Technical Queries & As-Built drawings. Given the variety of EPC projects, this module is highly customizable in order to be optimally used for the organizations' projects.

Construction Section is one of the very few commercially developed systems designed specifically for the purpose of managing the receipt and review of TQs (Technical query) & As-Built Drawings on major engineering and construction projects, primarily in the resources sector.

By defining construction site requirements in terms of issued documents like isometric drawings, technical queries and replied  technical queries, the expediting of construction technical office is completely controlled, ensuring that submissions are monitored prior to the occurrence of any delays that may affect the construction schedule.

On receipt, construction technical office submissions (TQs or As-Built Drawings) are effortlessly distributed for internal (and if required, external) review ensuring contractual obligations are met.

An extensive set of expediting tools & reports enable management to quickly see:

o    Submissions due in the next X days.

o    Submissions received but not distributed.

o    Submissions under review and within X days of return to site technical office.

o    Submissions reviewed and awaiting response to site technical office.

o    Responses to site technical office overdue.

Construction Section reduces the risk of construction delays caused by the in-effective management of construction technical office issues.

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