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Equipment Details Form

Is the description of Equipment which can be functionality or type of it.

Design Originator

Piping Line Details Form

The designer who has responsibility of Piping Design of the Line in the 3D model. This can be one or more designers and each one is an originator of a part of line in his/her area.

Design Pressure

Piping Line Details Form

Pressure, together with the design temperature, used to determine the minimum permissible thickness or physical characteristic of each component, as determined by the design rules of the pressure design code.

    NOTE The design pressure is selected by the user to provide a suitable margin above the most severe pressure expected during normal operation at a coincident temperature, and it is the pressure typically specified on the purchase order. The design pressure is equal to or less than the MAWP (the design pressure can be used as the MAWP in cases where the MAWP has not been established).

Source: API STD 521, Pressure-relieving and De-pressuring Systems, Sixth Edition, January 2014

Design Temp./ Temperature

Piping Line Details Form

The design temperature for a unit is the reference temperature for assessing areas where the unit can be transported, installed and operated. The design temperature is to be lower or equal to the lowest mean daily temperature in air for the relevant areas. For seasonal restricted operations the lowest mean daily temperature in air for the season may be applied.

Source: Offshore Standard DNV-OS-C101, Design of Offshore Steel Structures, General (LRFD Method, Det Norske Veritas, April 2011

Dry Weight (Kg)

Equipment Details Form

Weight of equipment when it is empty and dry or structure when no equipment or load on it.

Document Number

Document Details Form

The Document number which is a combination of some fields in the Project Master Document Registry/List (MDR / MDL) shows the unique identification for each document in the project.

Document Class

Document Details Form

Specify the class of issuance for each document. It can be contain some characters to specify the class. For Example some documents just to be issued for Review so the class is 'R', and some for Information so the class 'I' and some for Construction so the class is 'C'.

Document Type

Document Details Form

Is the type of document, like 'DS' for data sheets or 'LIS' for lists or 'RP' for reports.


Document Details Form

It is a number of days which replying to the comments of document is delayed.

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