By this tool, for the active profile, all PDMS/E3D databases will be DICE (For details refer to the PDMS/E3D Help files) checked and two kinds of reports will be created in the related path as 'Database Check Path' which is stated in the AVEVA Configuration.

This will be done after a confirmation like bellow snapshot:

First kind of reports explain above, is some text files for each database which contain PDMS/E3D report for that database. Second report is a log file like bellow snapshot which contains a summary of all database with 3 identifier :

1- OK

Means that database has no error.

2- Some inconsistencies found. Manual check needed...

Means there are some minor errors and need to be checked manually

3- DATABASE CONTAINS FATAL ERRORS. Manual check needed...

Means database has at least one major FATAL error and need to be consider as a major fault in the project and must be resolved as fast as possible.

As a PDMS/E3D Administrator responsibility is to check databases of the project periodically, so this is useful tool in iDEES that can help Admin to check faster and just check the log file for Fatal errors.

This tool will work like the following tools in the PDMS/E3D itself:  

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