This tool is very useful to generate Dia-Inch (Inch Dia) Report for a list of Line Numbers in the PDMS/E3D. To generate Dia-Inch Report 2 in the PDMS/E3D, there is not any tool and must be done by macro from command window.

Dia-Inch means the Size of Pipe which is Joined to another Pipe of Same Size - Say a 10" pipe has a Dia-Inch - 10. So for Calculation/Report/Progress Purpose, When a 10" Pipe is welded with a 10" pipe, output is 10 Dia-Inch.

Another example: If a Reduces Tee (10" X 4") is welded then the welding would be 10 + 10 + 4 = 24 (Tee has 3 joints)

In construction projects Dia-Inch is used to measure/evaluate the progress of Piping Spool fabrication. The weld joint of the pipe size is converted to the equivalent Dia-Inch of welding.

Dia-Inch formula is as follows:                Dia-Inch = Number of joints X Size of joint per Inch

In most of the companies usual way to calculate Dia-Inch is as follows:

All elements with their joints number have been considered independently, so the result is not correct and is not reliable. Below image shows this type of calculations:

But in the iDEES in 'Dia-Inch Report 2' (this report), all common joints in all selected lines (overall) will be removed, so the result is most accurate and completely reliable. Below image shows this type of calculations:

In the iDEES, 'Dia-Inch Report 2' tool is a subgroup of AVEVA Utilities Form so user can select desired Lines from PDMS/E3D by using iDEES Line List and Iso Index.

The following snapshot shows main buttons in this tool :

 Retrieve Dia-Inch Report : By this key, all required data for the selected Lines, will be gathered from PDMS/E3D.

 Export Dia-Inch Report Per Line : This button is used to export Dia-Inch Report of all elements extracted from PDMS/E3D to the new Excel file and open it automatically. This file is summarized Line-wise & Type-wise & size-wise.

 Export Dia-Inch Report Total : This button is used to export total Dia-Inch of all elements extracted from PDMS/E3D to the new Excel file and open it automatically. When user pressed this button, the following choices are available for him/her, user can see total Dia-Inch in the dialog and if he/she wants, he/she can export the result to the Excel file.

Difference between two Dia-Inch report in iDEES and usual way of calculation can be seen in the following image:


All Connection points that are not connected to any other elements will be ignored. This means all Connection points (P-Points) that does not have any CREF (Connection Reference) or CRFA (Connection Reference Array) will not be calculated at all.

For example if a branch side of a TEE is not connected to any element, connection of branch side is not considered in the result of Dia-Inch.

So in three way elements like TEE, OLET,... the branch side must be connected and in four way elements like CROSS, 4-Way VALVE,... two sides except leave & arrive sides must be connected.

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