Duration Of Tasks:



In this section user must specify duration of current task which is done today.

Start Time * : The time that user begin the current task. If the current task is the today's first task, it filled up by user's computer time by default, but for the next tasks, it filled up by completed time of previous task. User can enter time by typing directly into the field or by clicking on button Time to select time from the following common form:




'Completed Time' or 'Duration Time' : To finish the current task, two options are available, the first one is Completed Time which is the time of finishing the current task today and can be selected by Time or by typing directly, the second choice is Duration Time that user can specify how long the current task takes time. When user type duration and press Enter key, 'Completed Time' modified accordingly.

Finally when user press Save and New button, the current task will be saved in the database for the current Line Number. In this stage, if any Auto Email has been set for this task by Admin, the mentioned email will be sent to the related users. (For the setting of Auto Emails for tasks, see here)


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