iDEES is facilitate with a tool in Administration (LogOff/In All Users) which is able to shot down all opened iDEES around the network for any maintenance or upgrading. When Admin in his/her machine, turning on Force Log Off users, all other user see the following warning page in their machine if the iDEES is open there.

This warning tell them that iDEES will be closed automatically after a while that counter shows.

Here there are 3 conditions,

1- User do not do any action on this form so after passing the counter time, iDEES will be closed automatically.

2- User presses  key, so iDEES will be closed without delay after pressing the key.

3- User presses  key, so then this from will be closed and iDEES lets users to have a time (exactly equal to timer counter for example 53 seconds) to finish their work and save and then close. If they do not close iDEES manually, it will be closed after passing the mentioned time automatically.

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