In any Engineering Office,on any procurement department, on any Construction Site, or in fact anywhere where there are large quantities of documents and activities, there will be a Register of Documents as well as a list of activities.

With time, activities are changed and documents are revised, new activities & documents are created, and activities & documents become superseded. The activities list & document register is continually updated to reflect these changes.

 is an Activity & Document Management System developed by a developer to electronically maintain a document register and list of activities, to measure progress of any documents or activities, and to manage any other process in Piping department or others.

Though this may sound simple, in today's fast track environment, control of documents and activities is fundamental to the smooth operation of any Project and is often managed badly. Progress measurement is time consuming and a manually maintained distribution of activities, is prone to error and potential disaster.

 is a powerful and flexible PC based system. It has been designed to be as simple to use as possible while offering the maximum power for the advanced user.

 has been developed to assist companies in meeting any requirements of owners or company standards for document and activity control, but offers far more than the means of simply meeting this standard.

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