This section is a useful section to manage all issued and issuable Isometric drawings also it can be used to specify free or miscellaneous or varied List of Line Numbers to use in filtering in the following sections:

1.AVEVA Tools (AVEVA Utilities Form)

2.Some Reports (like Line List with Progress with Iso Index)

3.Multi Items (Multi Items New Task & Multi Items Tasks Archiver).

By this tool, users can see the history of issued isometrics with their revision and batch number and other informations, so this situation may effect on some decisions to make any changes on the line numbers or equipments or NOT.

Also by this tool, user can calculate the next revision step for each line. For example, some lines were issued by revision A and in the next revision there are some new isometrics with revision A and some old lines which must be issued by revision B, so this tool helps users to manage this situation.

For managing TQs (Technical Query) for each isometric, this tool can be used as well. Users can attached TQ and its reply for each isometric to record all history of TQ.

, users can not see any isometrics history and if required, they must be check manually in the network and find the history. Also they must be find manually that which line issued by which revision number and when they work in a mega project, these manual jobs, take so many man-hours in the piping.

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