In the 'Isometrics Index' Facility, user can use both 'Isometrics Index Form' and 'Isometrics Index List' to input isometrics data into the iDEES. 'Isometrics Index List' is like a Excel Spread sheet (see here) and user can copy & paste data from Excel into it.

The following image shows this form:

To insert data, form must be unlocked by  button. And also user can use  button to export all records to an Excel file which is then opened automatically.

Note 1: The only mandatory field in this form is 'Line Number' and all others are optional.

Note 2: Just Line Numbers which are exist in the Line List (Piping Line Details Form) can be added here. If user tries to copy & paste a line number which is not exist in the Line List, the following error will be shown(for example) and paste action will be undone totally:

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