By this tool, Admin is able to see who logged into the iDEES and then decide to expunge them out or not for some maintenance issues.

Sometimes it is required to shutdown iDEES for all users to have exclusive access to the Back-End databases or for upgrading Front-End application (iDEES itself), so by this tool after specifying a timer to log off users, Admin can forcedly log off them all.

This tools required that Admin user logged into the iDEES so for other users it is not accessible by the following message:

 The following snapshot shows the main form after a confirmation on Admin password:


In this area, Admin can specify a timer by seconds or minutes to log off all listed users in   3   ,   4   . This timer will be added to a default time that is 60 seconds. For example 10 Seconds here means, after turning on the 'Force log Off User' key (  2  ) 10 seconds plus 60 seconds (default timer) equal to 70 seconds consider as timer to log off users


After specifying timer in the   1   , admin just should click on the  key to start log off process, then as described in Force ShotDown Form , all users can see a closing warning and the iDEES will be closed on the specified time.

       Note :      

     Don't forget to Turn off the "Force log Off Users" by  key when your maintenance activity has    

                 completed so the iDEES can be used again by other users.                


In this area, Admin can see a list of all logged in users in iDEES around the network.


It is same as   3    , but for some buggy experiences, developer add the different control.


By this button, Admin can refresh manually both areas   3   &   4   .


In this area, Admin can see remained counter time that specified in   1   .

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