For logical delete, user must tick the check box shown in the following snapshot:




Logical delete is a method to delete a Line Number (and other similar items in other details forms) from all reports or any calculations in the project but not physically from the database. Actually the Line exist in the project with all of its relevant (like tasks & Iso indexes & man-hours) but it is not considered in any progress report.

Another benefit of logical delete is that a deleted record can be recovered of with all of its relevant but in permanent delete there is no such a thing.

By checking the check box, User name & current date will be inserted in besides fields as well as a note like 'This Line has been logically (not physically) deleted.'. An extension '-Deleted' will be inserted at the end of Line Number with bold font & red color. then following hint will shown and hint user that all dependent tasks will be archived automatically:




If the current Line Number does not have any task, following message will be shown, so do not mind it.






When a user decide to recover deleted Line Number, just need to uncheck the Logical Delete Check Box. After this action, extension '-Deleted' will be removed and line can be behave like other normal lines. Users must note that the archived tasks of the recovered line can not be recovered automatically just manually (See here).

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