In the 'Make New Project', Admin can create a new project in iDEES. Actually there is no limitation on number of project in iDEES. By this tool, when Admin make a new project, actually iDEES create a copy of current project to a new location with a new name.

The following snapshot shows this tool (After a confirmation on Admin password):

After inserting a valid path for the new project in the 'Project Path' by typing or using Browse key () , the 'Project Name' will be enabled and then Admin user can insert new project name and then by pressing  , the following message will be shown to user and the by accepting, new project will be generated in the mentioned location.

After a successful generation of new project, following message tell user that new project has been created but Admin user must consider that he/she can login to the new project by current Admin user & password and then depend on purpose of use for the new project, he/she must delete some data (see here) and then compact it (see here).

To create a new empty project, it is suggested to use SAMPLE project to Make a new project from it.

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