Missed Components are detected when designers are busy on 3D model.

When they are modeling piping line numbers from P&ID, sometimes they may face with a component which is not exist in the database of 3D software (PDMS or PDS,...) to select. So they need to report that component as Missed Component to Material section for review and implementing in the Spec & Catalogue of 3D software.

Normally there are two type of Missed component, first type is missed components which are exist in the PMS (Piping Material Specification) and the second type is missed components which are not exist in the PMS.

The following image shows Missed component circulation in the iDEES:



The Missed Component section in the iDEES include a main form which all related activities done there and a list which contains all missed components together in a data sheet view.

, user must prepare a MS Excel file in their network and may insert any missed component there. As anyone knows, sharing Excel files on the network cause so many problems and is not a reliable solution. Also responsible users must check periodically for any new items or users must warn them manually. everything would be manual or verbal and most of the time, they faced a phenomenon as a MISSED 'Missed Component' which means after a while a missed component is missed again in the project.

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