Sometimes it is required to archive a specific task for a number of items.

For example, in the end of the project (90% progress), client decide to change layout of some equipments so all tasks for the related Line Numbers are valid at all. The preliminary way is to delete these tasks and work from the first step (1st task) for all these lines, but the best way is to archive those task to save all history and man-hours.

To archive a specific task for multi items, following from must be used to select which main list is needed:

After above selection, the following typical form will be appeared for archiving tasks of multi Lines (Piping Line List as sample):



Shows the current Line List & Isometric Index (just for Lines, but for others like Equipments just shows main list), and user can filter them with all required criteria and then select them by button   2   . This list may contain some duplicates. This is because of some revisions for a same Line Number in the Iso Index (see here), so it is not important at all and user can archive any task for those lines.


By this button user can select all records in the list after any filtering.


This section is list of Task Titles for the Line Numbers like below list:



By this button and after filling all required info in the section   1   &   3   , iDEES archive selected task for all selected Lines.

Note: If selected task has Auto-Email receivers, for all lines this email will be sent, so probably receivers receive so many emails.(see here for more detail)


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