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Operating Pressure

Piping Line Details Form

Maximum internal pressure that is sustained during normal operations referenced to a specific elevation.

EXAMPLE For a production riser, normal operating pressure corresponds to steady state production. For an export riser, normal operating pressure usually corresponds to design pressure.

Source: API Standard 2RD, Dynamic Risers for Floating Production Systems, Second Edition, September 2013

Operating Temp.

Piping Line Details Form

Temperature to which a component is subjected during normal operation.

Source: ISO 21457:2010, Petroleum and natural gas industries — Materials selection and corrosion control for oil and gas production systems, First Edition,September 2010



The user (Windows Logging User) that make last change on each form.(same as Last User)

Oper Weight (Kg)

Equipment Details Form

Operating weight of equipment  or structure when it is in the normal operation.


Equipment Details Form

Orientation of the equipment or structure based on the unit plot plan.


Equipment Details Form

The designer who has responsibility of the modeling of the Equipment in the 3D model.

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