Before any contract to purchase any item in piping or other disciplines and after issuing MR (Material Requisition), Procurement department send all MRs to some specified Vendor or Supplier to receive quotations and offers. I this stage, there is requirement to manage and record all work-flows between Engineering, Procurement and vendors. This section of iDEES play this role.

And also once contracts (purchase orders) are placed, the next phase in the vendor data business process is the receipt of vendor data submissions and their distribution for internal review. So this section of iDEES play another role here to manage all Vendor Documents.

The following simple process happens when we start the procurement engineering services:

After Evaluation of vendor and commercial affairs, vendor is selected and a contract will be placed, then vendor will send related documents based on a VPIS(Vendor Print Index Schedule). This simple process can be seen in the below image:


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