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Piping Line Details Form

The document number of P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram) which contains all information for piping line numbers and instrumentations and related equipments.

P&ID Sheet No.(SHT NO)

Piping Line Details Form

The sheet number of P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram) documents.

Paint System(Paint System Code)

Piping Line Details Form

Normally in the Specification of Painting in the project, there are some predefined Paint systems which show the type, number of required layers of painting and also color of paint (RAL) for each Fluid service or sometimes Size or Material of Pipe.

PDF File

Document Details Form

It is field to attached documents with PDF format.


General Activity Details Form

Engineering projects come in many shapes and sizes, but they can generally be broken down into the following phases:

1.Planning / Preliminary Engineering / Basic Design

2.Detailed Design

3.Tendering / Procurement

4.Construction / Implementation

5.Post-Construction / Commissioning / Start Up

Pipe Class

Piping Line Details Form

The name of piping material class gathered form PMS (Piping Material Specification) of the project.(see here)

Piping Plan No

Piping Line Details Form

The document number of related Piping Plan drawing. It can be used in the related Isometric drawings as extra information for the Pipe.


Piping Line Details Form 

In the onshore project, it means area or unit and in the offshore project it means main platform (is a large structure with facilities to drill wells (optionally), to extract and process oil and natural gas, or to temporarily store product until it can be brought to shore for refining and marketing.)(see here)


Document Details Form

The abbreviation for Point Of Interest. Based on Document class, each document can be issued in some stages, for example, if Document class is for Construction stage, in first issue, the document will be issued by POI, 'IFR' (Issued For Review) and after receiving comments and replying them, it can be issued by POI, 'IFC' (Issued For Construction). So here the latest POI can be used.


Piping Line Details Form

In order to ensure the material strength of a part is retained after welding, a process known as Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) is regularly performed. PWHT can be used to reduce residual stresses, as a method of hardness control, or even to enhance material strength.

In this field, the requirement of PWHT(Post Weld Heat Treatment) which is presented normally by YES or NO will be shown.

Piping Material

Piping Class Details Form

It is a base material for the mentioned piping class. It can be for example Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,...

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