In some forms in iDEES like Piping Line Details Form , there is another facility for searching in all records. For example in Piping Line Details Form, user wants to find anything in the 3 major fields like 'Line Number', 'P&ID No.' and NPS (these 3 fields are varied in each details form), so this tool can be useful to search in these 3 major columns. To use this tool, user must open main form firstly and then the mentioned tool.

The below snapshot shows the location of this tool in main forms:

By clicking on  button, the below form will be displayed which let users to make a criteria for searching in 3 major fields:

In this form, searching will be started by typing and all matched records will be shown to user. After filtering matched records, a selected record can be shown in the main form by double clicking on the record or by pressing  key.

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