Review Of Tasks:



In the Piping New Task form, there is section for review of task by Senior Designer. In this section when a Senior Designer finished a review on any task, Reviewed by Senior Designer check box must be checked and name of Reviewer must be selected. If reviewer put any comments in the Review Comment field, an automatic email (MS Outlook) will be sent to the task originator from reviewer, which contain some information about reviewer and comments like below:




One of useful experiences of the Review of Task section, is for '3D Model Review Meeting'. In the 3D Model Review Meeting, when a comment raises by client or any other parties, user can open the mention task which is done by Design Originator previously, then put a snapshot of the comment in the Attachments field and in the Review Comment field, type 'For the comments refer to the attached snapshot.' and then save.

After meeting, all Designers received their comments by Auto Email and they can revise their lines according to these comment and another user can generate '3D Model Review Report' to issue to the Client as per Master Document Register (Project MDR).

Currently Review Of Tasks feature , only available in two 'New Piping Task' & 'New Spec Task' and other tasks do not have it. It is possible to add this feature to others but it is depend on a customers request.

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