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Serial No

Piping Line Details Form

In the line identification  number, there is number which is unique for each Service Code and size and maybe unit.(see here)

Service Code

Piping Line Details Form

Each Line No contains some character to declare which fluid service is flowing inside it.(see here)


Piping Class Details Form

same as 'Fluid Service(SERVICE)'

Size Range

Piping Class Details Form

It is a range of size which the mentioned piping class covers.

STR Tag No/Name

Structure Details Form

Name or tag number of related Structure.

Stress Category

Piping Line Details Form

Piping critical line is a line for which a flexibility review is required to be carried out by a Piping Stress Engineer due to temperature, weight, supporting arrangement, external loading, lines connection to strain sensitive equipment, vibrations, etc.

Based on Project specifications, all critical lines must be categorized as per Stress Analysis Categories and then as per specifications, which one must be reviewed by software or manually (sometimes called 'stress Level')

Stress Job No.(Job No)

Piping Line Details Form

A combination of some piping lines which must be considered as a unique system for stress analysis called Stress Job or Stress Case. As a practice, Stress job numbers are like for example CN-001.

Stress Originator

Piping Line Details Form

The Stress analysis person who has responsibility of Stress analysis calculation of the Line in the Project.

Support Originator

Piping Line Details Form

The Support person who has responsibility of Supporting of the Line in the Project. This can be one or more persons and each one is an originator of a part of line in his/her area.

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