In this form user must insert a report from 3D model software which is contains 4 columns:

Support Tag ; Main/Run Pipe Size ; Run Pipe Material Description ; Quantity of Support Tag

After preparing this report in Excel then user can Copy & paste form Excel to this form (Columns sequences must be same). The below image shows this form filled up by sample data:

 By this key, user can export all data in this form to the new Excel file after a confirmation on the Excel file name and path.

 By this key, user can export all mismatches between this report from 3D model and data in the Support Detail Form . If a support tag used in the 3D model and not in the Support Detail Form or if support tag inserted in the 3D model with different tag.

Note:  If you are using  AVEVA PDMS/E3D, you can use Support MTO tool form AVEVA Integration tools to generate the above mentioned report automatically from AVEVA PDMS/E3D.

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