The another problematic matter in the piping department is generating bill of materials of pipe supports. There are normally two kind of supports in the plant, one is Standard support and another is Special support.

Standard supports are based on a document like "Piping Standard Support" which is contains some sketches for all supports including some tables which show all materials used in those supports like structural sections, pipe, clamps,....

Special supports are based on a drawing which is generated by support designers and must be contains tables to show which materials used in it.

Normally in the 3D model software like AVEVA PDMS/E3D, designers create a logical support (not a physical element but just a point to show there is support there) with just tag number of support. Those tags are according to "Piping Standard Support" or "Special Supports Drawing".

To generate bill of material of supports in iDEES, firstly all support tags (or at least most commonly used ones) must be inserted in the Support Detail Form (one by one) or Support Tags List (as bulk load from an Excel file) then all used tags must be gathered from 3D model then inserted into the Support MTO Import form and finally by using Support MTO Summary form, user can see total summary of all materials for all valid support tags.

The work flow is as follows:

, users must generate a MS Excel file which contains all support tags and all related materials for each one and then summarize by another tools like MS Access or limitedly by Excel itself. Also when users work on file, other users have no access to it so this process may limited to one person. Also there is no chance to work in conjunction with AVEVA PDMS/E3D automatically.

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