The following snapshot shows Tasks Page of Piping Line Details Form:




In this page all tasks which are done for the current Line Number, have been shown and users can see the history of all tasks. This page contains two sections, by default it shows Active tasks and by selecting 'Archived' from Active_fram, all archived tasks will be shown.

Normally when user is in 'Active' mode, 'Retrieve Selected Tasks' is disabled like below:




and when user in 'Archived' mode, 'Archive Selected Tasks' is disabled like below:





Note: When 'Archived' is disabled like this Active_fram2, it means there is not any archived task for this Line Number



Active / Archived:

Normally all tasks which are done for a Line number, are active tasks but sometimes in the project, for any reason, it is required to do some task again, the logical way is to delete previous tasks and fill them again when done. But this is not best way, because all history and spent man-hours will be deleted permanently from the database.

The better way is to remove those tasks from current history and store them in another database as archived. First of all, we saved all history of this line number forever, secondly we can calculate these archived tasks' man-hours as a rework on the project and finally if for any reason, decision was changed and we do not need to do those tasks again, we reserve the right for us to retrieve them as active.

By deleting or archiving tasks, the related wight factor of them will be deducted from total progress of Line Number.

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