The procedure of upgrading is as follows and iDEES admin must do them only on the main server:

(It is recommended that related server is restarted before upgrading & and also all errors log can be sent to the developer by admin and deleted form the iDEES system (As you completely aware, this matter can help developer to resolve most of problems & bugs.))

1-Make a full back up from all projects.

2-Copy 'iDEESsystem.dll' from update zip file and paste it to the install path of iDEES. (Overwrite it)

3-Delete these two files(if available) form the install path of iDEES and all projects directory  :    'Comps' & 'Relink'

4-Run iDEES in SAMPLE project and register it like first time installation and then quit.

5-Copy & Paste 'iDEESsystem.dll' from install path to the folder of all projects one by one.

6-Run all project one by one in a client machine and let the iDEES to relink all projects again.

Now upgraded iDEES is ready to run for all projects.

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