By this report, everyone can see total man-hour of working and reworking in the project with a useful details.

Actually all users with any responsibility can (must) insert a new task for their activities in one type of tasks exist in the iDEES. In each task a very important data which will be stored is the Start Time and Completed Time or Duration. So for each task a man-hour can be calculated and some of the can be considered as working time on the related items.

Sometimes. some activities are not valid any more and must redone again, so we must archive them with provided tools in iDEES. By archiving any tasks, man-hour of it can be calculated as Re-Work time for that item and sum of them in whole project is a considerable quantity.

To use this report, user firstly see the selecting form as shown in the below snapshot:

Firstly user must select the type of report and then he/she must select this report is for Input lists (Line List, Equipment List, ...) or for Tasks (Piping Tasks, Equipment Tasks, ...) per unit/platform:

Below snapshot shows some samples:

Note:  Sometimes some columns maybe hidden in these reports, so user can use  to manage those columns visibility.

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