is special because it has been developed on the job. Person actually doing activity and document control have written it.

 displays information in a spreadsheet format that enables the user to see multiple records at a glance. Flexibility has been considered of primary importance. Data can be browsed, or reports generated in a wide variety of ways. A powerful filter generation facility is incorporated for editing or reporting on selected information only.

 generates an audit trail for all changes to input data. Data entry with iDEES is rapid with single line or batch entry for new items. The distribution of activities is almost completely automated. Full automation has not been implemented in order to provide the user with the final control button.

 has a built-in feature (MS Access) for Importing and Exporting from and to other systems. The system can generate any format that can be imported by other users. All, or only selected records within any iDEES data file can be exported from within the system to most popular software packages such as Excel, Lotus, etc.

 is designed so that you can access the information you want quickly and the system operates with standardized Tool buttons for maximum user-friendly operation.

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