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Dear friends and colleagues and engineers,

Finally with the efforts and making many changes in the Borna iDEES software and its website, now this software is available for free with all the features, but with some limitations that can only be used on one computer and must be registered for every computer (Below Link). The website has been completed and the forums have been embedded in it, where problems, questions, and answers are recorded there, which can be accessed from anywhere and for everyone. (Of course, just in English)

Licensing & Registration

There are also download links for two types of access. It does not matter what type of Windows is used, 64 or 32 bits, but MS Access edition is important. So use the link below and find your MS Access edition and then download the appropriate version of iDEES.

How to find version & edition of MS Access?

To download the software, please use the following link:


This is also can be considered as a gift from me. Of course, I hope it counts as a gift… For friends who have out-sourced packages, that is a must (without restrictions).

Good luck. Enjoy it.

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