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[Solved] Read Me First  

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Borna iDEES application must be installed by windows Administrators and also for the first run. In the first run, Borna iDEES registers some required ActiveX, so administrative privileges required.

After the installation of Borna iDEES(Free Version which is downloadable from the website), the program runs in the Demo Version. In this mode, as shown in the snapshot, the user can see the 'Unregistered' expression on the top of the UI, 'Demo Version' expression at the bottom of the UI. Please note that this version is NOT for sale and this matter has been shown at the four edges of the UI.

In the Demo Version, users have a lot of limitations, and it is better to register the iDEES to use it with minimum limitations. In the Editions Comparison, the differences between the three editions of iDEES can be found.


As shown in the below snapshot, the user can see the Registration form just by clicking 'Click to Register...' button:

After Clicking this button, the 'iDEES Registration Form' will appear as shown below:  

In the registration form, the user must input the requested information. All fields are mandatory and must be filled up with the right ones. Registration ID can only be found in the installation path as a text file named 'RegistrationID.txt'. So fill up all fields then click button 'Register iDEES' at the bottom of the form.

User & Password of the Software

All passwords in the 'Free Version' are the same as the users, for example, for user Admin, password is 'Admin'

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