Editions Comparison

Comparison Matrix

Paid Version Free Version Demo Version* Remarks
Using the Engineering Section
Using the Procurement Section
Using the Construction Section
Working Locally
Working on the Network
Working with multiple projects
Accepting Local path(for files and folders)
Accepting network path(for files and folders)
Storing Attachments in the DBs  With a limitation of 2GB(MS Access Limitation).
Storing Attachments in the Hard Drives With the help of a generated tool for this aim, without any limitations.
Automatic Emailing by MS Outlook
Access to all table data & structure
Creating Advances queries on all tables
Option to show AVEVA Console
Option to interrupt macros to show error log
Working version of PDMS/E3D in the AVEVA Integration tools All versions Version 12.1 Version 12.1
Using physical Dongle for registration
Using software key for registration
Max Number of Records for historical tables Unlimited Unlimited 100
Max Number of Records for None-historical tables Unlimited Unlimited 5
Available profile in AVEVA Integration tools Unlimited Unlimited 1**
'Free Version' & 'NOT FOR SALE' banner
Available CHM Format Help
Available PDF Format Help
Available website (online) Help
Available tutorial clips
Customizable by any request with/without charge
Available Updates for any bugs or new features
24/7 support (By emails, WhatsApp, Instagram, phone, ... )
* Demo version is a state of Free Version edition before registration. Demo life is 30 days.
** It is locked and cannot be changed.
Installation and the first run of iDEES must be run by Windows Administrator user.
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