Remote Desktop Support

You don’t need to struggle in silence!  Let us help you understand or solve Borna iDEES Software technical issues with desktop support.

Instruction for Starting Remote Session

  1. Contact:  Contact us and tell us what’s happening and what you need help with.
  2. Download:  Download AnyDesk from here or the front button. Install and run it and wait until it is ready for connection.
  3. Your ID:  Tell Borna iDEES Software your 9-digit ID and then accept the connection.

Zoom Meeting

If you prefer Zoom, feel free to contact us! We can set up a Zoom meeting room for a remote support session.

Skype Meeting

If you prefer Skype, feel free to contact us! We can set up a Skype chat room for a remote support session.


If you prefer any other Remote Desktop application, please let us know, we can manage it and connect with you.

Download AnyDesk
Get AnyDesk for Windows:

These tools are safe enough and there is no need to worry about your system being hacked by Borna iDEES. You can completely see what is being done remotely, and you can disconnect at any time you see any problem.

این ابزارها به اندازه کافی ایمن و قابل اطمینان هستند و هیچ جای نگرانی در مورد هک شدن سیستم شما از طرف برنا آیدیس وجود ندارد. شما به طور کامل کارهایی که از راه دور انجام می شود را مشاهده کرده و هر لحظه که صلاح بدانید میتوانید ارتباط را قطع کنید؛

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