PIPEs’ UDAs AutoSet

This tool is very useful to set UDA's of PIPE automatically for a list of Line Numbers in the PDMS/E3D. To set this data in PDMS/E3D, there is not any specific tool and it must be done by macro from command window.

Normally UDAs are used to set some information in the backing sheet of Isometric drawings. Some of these UDAs must be filled by Line List data like Design Temperature & Pressure and some of them must be filled by a fix text like Revision. To set which UDA should be filled by which data, user can use UDA Settings form in the iDEES.

In the iDEES, 'PIPEs' UDAs AutoSet' tool is a subgroup of AVEVA Utilities Form so user can select desired Lines from PDMS/E3D by using iDEES Line List and Iso Index.

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