Review File Creation (NAVIS)

Review Model File or RVM is a kind of output of PDMS/E3D from Export tool in the DESIGN module. RVM is file type which can be opened by AVEVA Review Software or other third party software like AutoDESK NavisWorks software.

As all PDMS/E3D users may know, PDMS/E3D itself has a user friend form for this matter, so why iDEES has this tool again in another shape. To answer this question, firstly iDEES tried to simplify this activity (everyday RVM creation) for Admin, because in some companies Admin or another user is assigned to create RVM file everyday morning so is it simpler to click on a key to create RVM or login to a software then open a form and load a setting (if available any) and then export?

The second reason is that, in iDEES there is possibility to make automatic schedule for creating RVM every night or every time it is required.  iDEES can be scheduled to generate RVM file automatically. This is unique tool in the world and the developer of the iDEES has not heard about any similar tool for this aim.


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