General Activity Details Form

General Activity Details Form is a form to see all information about all General Activities which are exist in iDEES like activity data, Task history, and Overview of tasks for each General Activity. At the start of the iDEES project, General Activity List of the project has been imported to the iDEES by Administration tools and then all changes must be done from this form manually by users or by another Administration tools by Admin.

In this tool, and by doing some tasks as shown in the below snapshot, users can have a progress for General Activity so then the status of the units and then the project:

By this tool, we can gain some advantages than using an Excel file:

  1. All users have access to a unique data.
  2. All users can insert any related data like General Activity information …
  3. All users can see all data in the network simultaneously  without any limitation.
  4. There are a lot of tools to search and find any General Activity in this user-friend form.
  5. All users can see the General Activity data, task history, and the overview of tasks on each General Activity in one place together.
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