Missed Component

Missed Components are detected when designers are busy on 3D model. When they are modeling piping line numbers from P&ID, sometimes they may face with a component which is not exist in the database of 3D software (PDMS or PDS,…) to select. So they need to report that component as Missed Component to Material section for review and implementing in the Spec & Catalogue of 3D software.

By this tool, we can gain some advantages than using an Excel file:

  1. All users insert their missed component with a unique format.
  2. All users can insert any related evidence or documents.
  3. All users (Power users, responsible user to resolve and Lead users) can see all data in the network simultaneously  without any limitation.
  4. Some automatic emails, hint responsible user to resolve for any new item and then after resolving give hint to the originators for resolving.


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