Procurement Section is the second developed section in the iDEES. This section does many things in the engineering services to Procurement department for piping and also for other disciplines.

Procurement Section is one of the very few commercially developed systems designed specifically for the purpose of managing the receipt and review of Vendor offers & Data on major engineering and construction projects, primarily in the resources sector.


By defining vendor data requirements in terms of offers, technical clarifications and replied  technical clarifications, the expediting of vendor bid is completely controlled, ensuring that submissions are monitored prior to the occurrence of any delays that may affect the design schedule.

On receipt, vendor submissions (offers or documents) are effortlessly distributed for internal (and if required, external) review ensuring contractual obligations are met.

An extensive set of expediting tools & reports enable management to quickly see:

  • Submissions due in the next X days.
  • Submissions received but not distributed.
  • Submissions under review and within X days of return to vendor.
  • Submissions reviewed and awaiting response to vendor.
  • Responses to vendors overdue.

Procurement Section reduces the risk of design delays caused by the in-effective management of vendor data.

Procurement Sub Solutions

Procurement section has three independent tools which can be work alone in any Engineering discipline. They are so simple, powerful and helpful. List of these sub solutions are as follows:


Vendor form, can used easily as an overall database of AVL (Approved Vendor List) in each company.

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By this tool, all communications between engineering and vendors can be recorded. It is a single form that all users can see all history of all offers and their related communications in this single environment.

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Vendor Document Detail

By this tool, all documents which is issued by vendors to the engineering, can be recorded with all history of comments and replies. It is a single form that all users can see all history of all documents and their related comments & replies in this single environment.

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