Isometric Facility

This tool is very powerful to check & generate Isometrics from a list of Line Numbers in the PDMS/E3D. To generate Isometrics in PDMS/E3D, the ISODRAFT module can be used.
To use this facility, in the AVEVA Configuration , an option file must be specified and also a folder path as an output folder in the AVEVA Configuration.

Two type of isometrics can be generated by this tool. First type is Standard and second is Equipment Trim. The Equipment Trim facility is unique in the world, because it generate Equipment trim isometrics like standard contains both Bill of material and picture. In the PDMS/E3D itself, there is a simple facility to generate just bill of material for the Equipment Trim lines.

In the iDEES, 'Isometric Facility' tool is a subgroup of AVEVA Utilities Form so user can select desired Lines from PDMS/E3D by using iDEES Line List and Isometric Index List.

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