Borna iDEES application has been developed to establish a method for the Engineering Progress measurement of engineering for any kind of Project. This System defines engineering progress and some helpful statistics for the Project like Man-Hours for any kind of activity in the piping discipline and other disciplines as well.

This application has also so many useful tools for a Piping discipline and other disciplines that help all team members to have an integrated software to handle their needs. And also a specific section has been developed in iDEES for linking to the PDMS (3D Modeling software from AVEVA) which connects to each live project in PDMS and extracts so many accurate reports as well as so many normal & checking activity in it.

This application has two other sections specialized for the Procurement and Construction, which handle all engineering services to the Procurement/Construction departments like managing vendors' offers or technical queries from the construction site.


Borna iDEES Main Modules

Engineering Section

Engineering Section is the most developed section in the iDEES. This section does so so many things in the piping engineering activities and also in other disciplines.

Procurement Section

Procurement Section is the second developed section in the iDEES. This section does many things in the engineering services to Procurement department for piping and also for other disciplines.

Construction Section

Construction Section is the third developed section in the iDEES. This section does many things in the engineering services to Construction department for piping and also for other disciplines.

iDEES Benefits

Progress Measurement


Stress Analysis Progress Measurement


Supporting Progress Measurement


Spent Man-Hours


Customer Reviews

This software is so useful and have so pretty Macros and it can help engineers for doing faster engineering works. Following items are some of this software good facilities:
Ability of Job definition for users
Investigation of project progress in each time of project doing duration
Useful macros for speed up the document preparation

Masoud Shaef

Piping designer, PDMS Administrator & Catalogue coordinator at Chagalesh Consulting Engineers

Best Integration of engineering and procurement departments
Eliminate human faults and lesser checking design with documents
Speed up the design phase and Lower the project Man-hours
Get many kinds of outputs from the 3D Model software so fast and accurate

Majid Khodsiani

PDMS Administrator & Catalogue coordinator at Petro Gas Jahan
We use iDEES as an intelligent piping tasks management system since Oct. 2015 and we are very happy about that. By iDEES:
We easily define the tasks, control the projects plans & evaluate the users.
 We extract required weekly reports & make the inter-discipline coordination very reliable and easy.
  We keep the projects files accessible any time and enjoy a lot of useful applications and macros provided in iDEES.

Alireza Ghorbani

Head of Piping Department at Oil Design and Construction Company
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